Saturday, June 6, 2009

just for fun :)

so i was looking through some pictures and thought this might be fun, for those who aren't going to go to the trouble of comparing on your own...

guess whose who...

so i am working on a new blog, and it will be posted soon... ish :) wait for it.

Sunday, May 17, 2009

Twelve weeks later...

how has it been almost 3 months since we have added chloe to our lives?? it's as though we have always had her, i find it hard to remember life before her :)
so actually it's 11.5 weeks later, but here we are none the less. so aside from being super busy and giving anything to have one more hand let alone two more hands, we are doing well and have had some fun along the way. not that i need to give excuses as to why i haven't updated this blog but a big one is we are having a hard time putting pictures from our 10 different cameras (oy vey) on one computer (another oy-vey) we are in dire need of stream lining our situation :)

so the past few months have had some ups and downs- adjusting to life with 2 kids, being only 2 years apart has made for some fun moments! and by fun i mean challenging. i find myself praying for patience and mercy... mostly patience. there has been a lot of laughter and quite a few tears, by me, penelope and chloe! i haven't seen david break down and cry yet but i know he has wanted to :) but i have to say that we are blessed and both kids are great.(i mean really what else am i going to say?) penelope still LOVES her sister, even though my attention has been severely shifted, i think i miss pen and my time together more than she does :) and chloe is doing really well, she is very chill and although she has her demands, they aren't unreasonable. in this house we are learning about sacrifice, and it is a good lesson. having children really makes you realize how selfish we are. so it has been a journey, but it is good- and i am not just saying that for all of you who are about to have your second children- it is a process to re-learn life and re-learn priorities... and even though there are times i wish i could escape to a job, i am SO thankful for the abiltiy to stay home with them and i try to remember to cherish these times because it does go by so fast. so here are some of the things we have been up to the past few months...

Easter sunday
we celebrated easter at petco park this year, and penelope had her first trip on the train... she was so excited and it was quite the experience. her grandma (mavany), aunt lea, uncle brian, marc all joined us to take the train downtown to the park. it was a beautiful day and the padres won!

5 for $5 deal at the park- AMAZING!

chloe slept thru the experience

SO excited about the train!

ummm, too cute :)

Sunday afternoon at the beach
it was a glorious day so we packed up the kids and headed out to the beach... well we started out trying to go to church and then it was too late, so we went to the beach instead. oh and penny went in the water for the first time with out being afraid!

this kid used to hate sand...and water for that matter

david diggin a big hole, and penny making apple pie

chloe just chillin under the umbrella

penelope is offering moral support

$5 footlongs, fletcher cove and a sunset
we headed out to solana beach for a dinner time picnic and let penelope run around at the park. it started out nice and ended up SO cold, i had to bundle chloe up!

Just having some fun around the house
some pictures we have from hanging around the hosue...

penelope and avery were helping mindy and i get ready for the baby shower at our place for anjuli and stacey... they were a big help!

penleope babysitting :)

spitting lessons

chloe trying to walk

watching tv

this was her first trip to pizza port! (she looks so much like infant penny here)

wishing great grandpa leo a happy birthday- ok this one is not from our house, this was while he was recovering from surgery...

enjoying life...

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

a proud new sister

so chloe finally made her way into our lives... we really thought she wasn't going to come- but i was induced on tuesday night and chloe arrived 4.5 hours later at 4:33 am on wednesday february 25th.

penelope was very excited about her sister (and the loli-pop at 10am)

she insisted on holding chloe- she kicked grandma off the chair and made us let her hold her new sister.

Welcome Chloe Noelle!

Guess who's a Two!

where have the past 2 years gone? all of a sudden i have a two year old and a second child that should have already been here... it is sometimes scary to me how fast life moves.

she was very into her presents and grandma mavany has way more pictures (i was using her camera) so when she comes back i will get those pictures from her and post a few more :) she had a great day- we made cupcakes and had lunch and watched Wall-e

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Just waiting for sister chloe...

"on time is when i get there." a saying made known by grandma martha (verdugo)

i have always thought penelope to be more of a verdugo than a wiese... she looks like a verdugo and sleeps like one (she has the "condition") and i am starting to realize that her sister chloe is going to be even more so a verdugo. whose second kid doesn't come on-time or early even? so we are waiting for her to make her grand entrance into this world, in her own time... unless we have to induce- then she will be forced to come and more than likely not be happy about it :)

so as we all wait, and try to be patient these are some of the things we have been doing to occupy our time until the newest addition to our family arrives...

Doctor's visits and grandma

peneleope gets to hang out with grandma mavany while i go to the doctors office- which is once a week these days! good thing grandma works at a pre-school and is the director so she can let penny play on the playground anytime she wants... i think pen is ready for preschool :)

david is on the other end of the teeter-toter

San Diego Zoo
we took an adventure down to the zoo to say hi to monkeys and with all the walking david and penny needed to take a moment on the footsie wootsie... pretty funny.

A new sling...
i never tried one with penny but i got one for chloe, thinking that i would be using one a little more. apparently you can use it for kids up to 35lbs. david was curious and wanted to try it out- so we asked pen to be our model and she was into it... hopefully chloe will like it too!

Little Big Planet...
have a ps3? you NEED this game. she makes requests to, "watch games"

the mall...
since the weather has been so poor- either raining, wet or cold (for us sad so cal residents) we have taken to the play area in the mall. then i go for nice long walks and pen is my companion- trying to walk sister chloe out... but pen doesn't seem to mind because we often meet up with friends and get pretzels.

CHLOE!! hurry up, i want to be a big sister!